15 Things Self-Millionaires Don’t Waste Their Money On


Curiosity often surrounds the spending habits of the wealthy. How do they manage their finances so effectively? The secret lies not just in how they earn but more so in what they stop buying. Here’s a closer look at five areas where millionaires save by not spending.

1. Brand New Cars

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New cars lose value the moment they leave the lot. Millionaires prefer vehicles that hold value. A 2023 study by LendingTree found that new cars depreciate an average of 20% in the first year and 40% after five years. Millionaires recognize this depreciation and often choose slightly used cars, saving a significant amount. It’s the same luxury, without the instant depreciation.

2. Daily Luxury Items

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A daily $5 coffee adds up. Wealthy individuals skip these small, recurring expenses. Instead, they invest in quality, homemade alternatives. Over time, the savings from these daily decisions can contribute significantly to their wealth.

3. Fast Fashion

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Millionaires steer clear of fast fashion. This industry tempts by constant new releases, but these items quickly go out of style or wear out. Investing in timeless, quality pieces means shopping less often and saving more in the long run.

4. Expensive Hobbies

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High costs don’t guarantee fun. Many rich people choose hobbies that are low in expense but rich in experience. Gardening, hiking, or reading can be as fulfilling as any luxury pastime, with the bonus of minimal spending.

5. Impulse Buys

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The wealthy are deliberate with their purchases. They avoid the trap of impulse buying, which often leads to regret and wasted money. By planning major buys and weighing their true value, millionaires save by simply buying less.

6. Trendy Tech Gadgets

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Millionaires stay clear of the latest tech crazes. They understand that new models offer slight upgrades at high costs. Instead, they opt for technology that delivers value and longevity.

7. Expensive Memberships They Don’t Use

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Gym memberships or club fees that go unused are a drain. Millionaires cancel these subscriptions. They prefer investing in activities they enjoy and benefit from.

8. High-End Brands for Basic Items

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Splurging on brand-name basics doesn’t make sense to them. Millionaires know when a premium is for the label, not quality. They choose generic or mid-range products that offer the same value without the hefty price tag.

9. Premium Cable Packages

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With the rise of streaming services, paying for premium cable is outdated. The wealthy opt for selected subscriptions that match their viewing preferences. This choice cuts down on unnecessary expenses.

10. Impulse Buys at Checkout

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Are those tempting items near the register? Millionaires resist them. They stick to their shopping list, avoiding spontaneous purchases that add up over time.

11. Overpriced Health Supplements

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Many millionaires skip the high-priced pills and powders. They focus on a balanced diet instead. Real food often provides the necessary nutrients without the markup.

12. Excessive Home Decoration

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Frequent redecorating can be costly. Millionaires tend to opt for timeless decor that doesn’t need constant updates. They prefer quality over quantity, ensuring their homes are both stylish and sensible.

13. Overpriced Real Estate

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Living in luxury doesn’t compel millionaires to overinvest in their homes. They recognize that beyond a certain point, more expensive properties don’t necessarily equate to a better quality of life. By choosing real estate that meets their needs without stretching their budget, they keep their wealth free for investments that offer returns.

14. Buying Expensive Paintings

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Spending on expensive paintings can sometimes veer into the impractical. By prioritizing pieces with personal significance over those with hefty price tags, they can avoid the trap of overspending. This approach not only ensures a more meaningful collection but also safeguards their wealth, keeping it available for investments with clearer returns.

15. Premium Credit Cards

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The glitter of premium credit cards, with their promises of exclusive benefits and rewards, often doesn’t match the reality of their high annual fees and spending requirements. Savvy millionaires evaluate whether these cards truly deliver value beyond the basics. By opting for simpler, low-fee alternatives, they keep more money in their pockets, ready for genuine investment opportunities.

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