15 Critical Skills Boomers Neglected To Pass Down To Their Children


Many baby boomers, in their pursuit of ensuring a better life for their children, inadvertently neglected to pass down several crucial skills that are now increasingly valued. The absence of these skills has created a gap that younger generations now strive to fill, often seeking external resources to learn what wasn’t taught at home.

1. Balancing a checkbook

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With the increasing prevalence of online purchases and bill payments, the frequency of check writing for various transactions has significantly declined, particularly in the past decade. Recording and comparing what you paid out against your monthly bank statement, once a common practice known as balancing a checkbook, is now obsolete.

While you may not have a physical checkbook anymore, the logic of financial literacy behind this process is sound. It can help you spend your money more wisely, and it can help you notice any signs of fraud.

2. The Art of Improvisation

The Art of Improvisation
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Boomers excelled in improvisation. Today, we often miss this creative spark. Improvisation isn’t just about quick fixes; it’s about inventive solutions. It fosters creativity, reduces waste, and saves resources. By embracing improvisation, we rekindle a sense of resourcefulness.

This skill empowers us to see beyond the obvious, transforming everyday challenges into opportunities for innovation. Let’s celebrate and cultivate this art, enriching our lives with ingenuity and sustainability.

3. Time Management Without Screens

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Before the digital era, Boomers mastered time management with paper planners and wall calendars.

Good time management techniques lead to increased productivity, more energy, reduced stress, more free time, better relationships, and a positive self-perception. This analog approach promotes focus and reduces distractions. Embracing this method could reclaim countless lost hours, fostering a more intentional and fulfilled life.

4. Basic Repair Skills

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In a world where “new” seems better than “repaired,” a vital skill fades. Fixing things ourselves saves money, reduces waste, and brings satisfaction. 

It’s a nod to sustainability, echoing our grandparents’ wisdom. Picture a Sunday afternoon, tools in hand, fixing a wobbly chair. Not just a chair fixed, but a step towards self-reliance. It’s time to bring back the joy of repair. Let’s make it our new normal.

5. Financial Frugality

Educate Yourself on Financial Matters
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Financial wisdom from Boomers seems lost today. A 2019 survey revealed 58% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.

In contrast, Boomers prioritized saving. This skill, crucial for financial stability, has dwindled. Embracing thriftiness can lead to significant savings and reduced stress. It’s not about penny-pinching but about smart financial choices.

6. Maintaining a resume

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While having an updated resume sure sounds like a good thing, the metrics of job hunting are changing, which affects the influence of a good, old-fashioned curriculum vitae.

In the past, employers have given top priority to an applicant’s experience, so having a chronological compilation of your work history was a good idea. These days, the focus has shifted to an employee’s performance, which is harder to communicate in the traditional format.

7. Handwriting

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Handwriting connects us in ways digital texts cannot. Each curve and line carries personality, emotions embedded in ink. Forgotten, yet invaluable, it’s an art that enhances memory, says research. 

In a world ruled by keyboards, let’s cherish penmanship. It’s not archaic; it’s intimate. Reviving this craft can bridge the gap between generations. Handwritten notes: a treasure in our digital age.

8. Reading a map

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Maps are large, fragile, and frustratingly difficult to fold back up once they’ve been opened to their full size. It makes a lot of sense that few millennials know how to, or even want to use them these days.

There’s also the question of what happens if your phone runs out of battery or you can’t access online maps. Reading a physical map can be intimidating, but it may be a worthwhile skill to learn and maintain for those in case-of-emergency situations.

9. The Joy of Gardening

Gardening Supplies
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Gardening: a forgotten ritual among many. Once a staple of Boomer leisure, it’s more than a mere hobby. It’s a bond with Earth, teaching patience, responsibility, and the beauty of growth. In an age of instant, gardening is slow. 

It rewards not just with produce, but with peace. It’s time we dug our hands into the soil again, finding joy in growth. This isn’t just about plants; it’s about grounding ourselves in nature’s rhythm. Let’s rekindle this connection.

10. Cooking from Scratch

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Microwave meals can’t rival home-cooked feasts. There’s magic in creating dishes from scratch, a tradition fading fast. 

Cooking at home fosters health, creativity, and family bonds. Let’s reignite the stove and our passion for cooking. It’s not just about food; it’s about heritage.

11. Sewing: A Stitch in Time

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In a world obsessed with instant solutions, sewing emerges as a silent hero. It’s an art, teaches patience, creativity, and resilience. Boomers knew this. 

A lost button wasn’t a tragedy but an opportunity. Sewing connects us to our clothes, giving them stories and longevity. This skill transcends mere repair; it’s a dialogue with fabric, a challenge to disposable culture. 

Let’s rethread our needles, stitch by stitch, and mend not just our wardrobes, but our relationship with consumption.

12. Deep Dive Research

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In an age where information is at our fingertips, the skill of deep-dive research is fading. Boomers had to sift through libraries and consult experts for insights. This diligence fostered critical thinking and a keen eye for detail. Let’s reignite this quest for knowledge. 

Embracing thorough research enriches understanding and combats misinformation. It’s not merely about accumulating facts but nurturing wisdom. In rediscovering this skill, we empower ourselves to navigate a world awash with information, discerning truth from noise.

13. The Art of Conversation

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In the era of digital chatter, the genuine art of conversation wanes. Once, lively discussions flourished everywhere. Now, screens mediate our talks. Studies underscore real chats boost empathy, enriching connections deeply. This skill, once ubiquitous, now seems like a relic.

It’s pivotal we rekindle it. Engaging directly enriches souls. Here’s championing authentic dialogue, a bridge to heartfelt understanding.

14. Practical Cooking Techniques

Quality Cookware
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Microwaves replaced firesides. Convenience overshadowed tradition. Yet, basic cooking techniques form the cornerstone of nutrition and independence. 

Boiling an egg, baking bread, or fileting a fish – these are arts. They connect us to our food’s journey. Let’s turn back to the stove. Cooking is not just about feeding. It’s about thriving.

15. Physical Activity as Play

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Long before gyms and fitness apps, physical activity was synonymous with play. Boomers understood this, embracing games like tag or cycling as natural, joyful forms of exercise. 

This blend of fun and fitness not only strengthens the body but also nurtures the spirit, reminding us that joy and health go hand in hand.

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